burning calories to lose weight

Health Tip: burning calories to lose weight

burning calories to lose weight

Staying active is critical to any weight-loss and –maintenance program. When your body is active it employs more energy (calories), and when you burn more energy than you consume, the body begins to lose weight.

Burning calories to lose weight.

Since 3,500 calories are roughly equivalent to 450 grams of fat, you need to burn those 3,500 excess calories in order to lose the 450g of fat.

Therefore, reducing (or burning through exercise) your daily diet by 500cal will allow you to lose the equivalent amount of weight in one week (500cal x 7 days= 3,500cal).

The best course of action is to combine both: exercise and reduce your weekly calorie intake to double the benefits (lose weight and improve your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems).

Other factors can affect the equation as the body changes over time, and as we get closer to our target weight: the lower your weight, the fewer calories you’ll have to burn. In other words, the weight-loss program can be adjusted to reflect your progress.

Talk to your doctor or counselor about any possible changes.