actividad fisica

How you can contain physical activity in your life?

physical activity

If you have a constant physical activity in your life you will be healthier. The adults that do exercise are less prone than the sedentary to develop chronic diseases.

The physical activituy is anyway to exercise that spend energy, and people of all ages, sizes and abilities can benefit from an active lifestyle.

10 tricks to contain the physical activity in your life

  1. You must be active throughout the day: each activity account. A little always is better than nothing. You must go up the stairs instead of going up the elevator, you must walk 10 minutes in your free time and you must park your car away from your work.
  2. You must go out with your friends: You will enjoy more doing activities with your family or your friends that in solitary.  You can get together with your friends to walk, you can go to gym class or you can play with your children. So, your friends will encourage you to be active, and you to them.
  3. You must do resistance exercise to keep healthy bones and muscles: For example you can lift weights, sit-ups, do exercising with elastic bands or intense work in the garden. You must make this exercises twice a week.
  4. You can start with slowly activities and then you go up the difficulty, especially if you’ve never done physical activity, this way you will prevent injuries.
  5. You may be active: there are many ways to do it, especially if you combine activities. You can walk, cycling, dance, or gardening, or playing football. You can try different activities to see which you like most.
  6. You must get your heart is beating: You will obtain real benefits if you do physics activity should require a moderate sacrifice for at least two hours a week.
  7. You may set a goal and note down your progress: You can plan your physical activities and record your progress. It is a good way to achieve your goal.
  8. You must increase the frecuency of the activity time: You should increase your physical activity weekly. The more time you spend to be active, it  will be better for your health.
  9. You can exert yourself more: You must adds more intense activities once you achieve the level of your physical activities considerable.
  10. Have fun! The physical activity should not be a workload. You will help you to feel and live better. You must choose activities that you like.

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