Choosing the right shoes for walking

Choosing the right shoes for walking

Choosing the right shoes for walking

Given the fact that feet play a critical role in countless physical activities, choosing the right shoe is essential if you want to enjoy your workout, prevent injury and obtain the best results. Buying the right walking shoes is not a trivial matter, even if it may seem like it.
The first thing is to find the right size. The world’s best designed sneaker will be useless if it doesn’t fit right. As a rule of thumb:

Wear the same socks when you try them on at the store that you’ll use for walking.

Go shopping after walking for a while or in the afternoon, when your feet are at their biggest: yes, feet do change throughout the day while supporting our weight.

-Buy your shoes at a sporting goods store staffed by professionals or that offers a wide variety of styles and options.

-Ask the salesperson to measure both feet or do it yourself. Do this every time you buy footwear since size varies slightly over the years. Make sure your feet are measured while standing up for maximum accuracy.

-If one foot is larger than the other, get the size that fits the biggest one.

-Try on the left and right shoe to make sure they feel right. Move your toes around and, if there isn’t at least a half-inch between your big toe and the end of the shoe, try on the next size up.

-The shoe should be wide enough. The fit needs to be snug, not tight. Women with wider feet shouldn’t shy away from trying on men’s shoes, whose feet normally are wider.

-Walk on your new footwear before buying it. Make sure you’re comfortable; the heel should fit well and not slip while you walk.

Every shoe ends up showing signs of wear and tear. Even if your sneakers feel comfortable, they may not be absorbing shock correctly or supporting your weight as they should. Pay attention to their condition: if the soles are worn down, buy a new pair.
Wearing inadequate footwear is the cause behind all sorts of problems. Now that you know what features to look for in a walking shoe, feel confident about going shopping and enjoy those long walks!

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