good nutrition with physical activity mediterranean diet

Why is good nutrition with physical activity important ?

good nutrition with physical activity

We started the fitness operation to get to the summer as healthy and fit as possible. But remember that it is very important to combine good nutrition with physical activity .

For both young and adults committed to the practice of sports and physical activity, healthy eating is essential to optimize their performance, so we then leave you 10 simple tricks to perfectly combine a good nutrition with physical activity and so achieve a very healthy lifestyle.

10 tricks to combine good nutrition with physical activity

  1. Diversify fruits and vegetables: get the nutrients your body needs consuming variety of colors and diversity of forms. Puree of blue, red or black berries; Red or yellow peppers, vegetables such as spinach or chard. Choose fresh, dehydrated, frozen, canned fruits low in sodium or natural juices.
  2. Do not forget the dairy: foods such as skim milk, cheese, yogurt and soya drinks enriched (soy milk) help keep bones healthy, something essentia not for dairyl for daily activities.
  3. Enrich with protein: Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscles. Choose low-fat veal or pork, or skinless chicken or turkey. Eat fish protein twice a week. There are also plants that are rich sources of protein.
  4. Consume proteins of vegetable origin: In the variety is the taste! Select legumes (white beans or pints, chickpeas), soy products (tofu, tempeh, vegetable burgers), unsalted nuts and seeds.
  5. Maximize nutritious foods: give your body the nutrients it needs by choosing nutritious foods; Includes whole grains, protein and low-fat products, fruits, vegetables and milk without or low in fat. Eat less foods rich in solid fats, added sugars, and sodium (salt).
  6. Revitalize with cereals: the fast source of energy for your body comes from foods such as bread, pasta, oats and other cereals. Make sure that at least half of the cereal products you select are whole, like bread, pasta or brown rice.
  7. Balancing Meals: The Menuteros App provides menus for all food groups in your daily meals.
  8. Drink water: stay hydrated by drinking water instead of sugary drinks. Store and reuse bottles of water to always have water by hand.
  9. Be aware of how much you should eat: Obtain nutritional information based on your age, sex, height, weight, current physical activity, and other personal factors. Use the App Menuterraneo (and your activity wearable if you have one) to determine your calorie needs, plan the right diet for you and follow a healthy diet.
  10. Meet your goal: follow the recommended program to reach your goal. Think of it and celebrate it when you cross it, you will have earned it.

After these 10 tips I do not think you put excuses for not adequately combining good nutrition with physical activity.

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