rice whit vegetables mediterranean diet

Rice with Vegetables – Mediterranean Recipe

Arroz con verduras

Have you ever tasted a rice with vegetables that is rich in flavor and typically Mediterranean?

We present an ideal recipe to maintain the line while you enjoy eating. In just half an hour you can have a rich original dish and the possibility of taking it in a tupper to work.

  • 260 Kcal per serving
  • 4 People
  • 30 Minutes

Ingredients of Rice with Vegetables

• 200 gr of round white rice
• 100 gr of tirabeques
• 150 g of various mushrooms
• 100 gr of baby cobs
• 2 eggs
• 1 can of Bonito
• 1 onion
• 2 chillies
• 2 glasses of chicken broth
• Basil, mint
• Extra virgin olive oil
• salt and pepper

Preparation of rice with vegetables

First you will have to put a frying pan with half of the oil to the fire.

Peel and chop the garlic and chilli, then put them in the pan and fry them on a low heat about three minutes.

Next, you must clean the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces, to add them to the pan along with the tirabeques and the ears.

You keep everything on fire by moving it for a couple of minutes.

Then pour a little salt and pepper to taste.

Once this is well done, add the rice to the pan and remove it for three minutes so it does not stick.

You will add two glasses of chicken stock to the pan and keep it there for about twenty minutes until the broth is consumed.

Then add an egg and a few leaves of chopped basil and mint, stirring quickly and mixing with the rest of the ingredients.

Finally, you will open the can of bonito and put it above the rice as a decorative detail.

In less than half an hour, you will have ready your rice with vegetables to serve.

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