What if I get stuck at the same weight?

What if I get stuck at the same weight?

What if I get stuck at the same weight?

Although it may seem hard to believe, it’s actually quite normal for the scales to get stuck at a certain number and decide to stay there, after a lengthy period of dieting and noticeable progress. Don’t worry; the program didn’t suddenly stop working. So-called weight-loss plateaus are a natural part of the process, and that’s just how they should be treated.

Go ahead and give these possible solutions a shot:

Reevaluate your habits: if you’ve been keeping a journal, go over the diet and exercise programs you’ve completed. Make sure you didn’t find yourself sidetracked at the gym, or went to a party or on vacation and had too much to eat and drink.

Pick up the pace: work out 15 to 30 minutes longer every week. If you’re able and willing, bring up the intensity level to burn more calories. Adding resistance or muscle-building exercises to your routine will also help you burn more calories.

Re-energize your day: Think outside the gym. Walk more, drive less, play with your kids outside, go on longer walks with your dog…

Slash more calories: drop 200 more calories from your daily limit, as long as that doesn’t take you below 1,200 calories, at which point hunger will most likely lead to overeating. If you feel that you can’t handle a lower threshold, don’t do it.

The point is to keep discouragement at bay, to always be aware that the program is working. Don’t give up, a healthier is waiting across the plateau.

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