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Weight Loss App

Menuterraneo is the definitive app to obtain sustainable Healthy Habits. Our weight control program automatically adjust your weekly Meal Plan and Physical Activity to fit your goals.

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What do I eat today

Provide effortlessly a balance diet every day

Video exercises

Cardio, stretching, back, relaxation

Monitor progress


Synch your activity devices

Benefits of our weight control program

Benefits of our weight control program

Automatic Meal Plan

Stop spending time thinking What do I eat today?

Automatic Grocery List

Save money and time. Buy only what you need for a balanced diet

Weekly Activity Plan

Personalize the exercise intensity that suits you best to keep your body fine-tuned and healthy.

Fitness & Nutrition: Perfect Combination

Combine a healthy diet with exercise and your mood will change, your confidence will increase, you will feel and look better and you will see results.

In order to reach your goal weight and sustain weight loss, you have to prioritize exercise.

Find what works for your lifestyle and make a commitment to exercise 3-4 times a week.

Personalize a fitness plan with your goal weight in mind by selecting the type of exercise and the intensity, then determine your daily caloric intake in order to reach your goal weight.

Fitness & Nutrition

Get going

Menuterraneo help you change your lifestyle, food habits and activity levels to improve your health, look better and reach your goals.

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Lose weight without going hungry

Lose weight without going hungry

Research has shown that Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet. Menuterraneo gives you The finest most delicious recipes and healthy lifestyle, offered in a highly engaging, fully automated app.

Food, fitness and sleep

Food, fitness and sleep

The balance between food, exercise and sleep is the key to healthy living. Menuterraneo gives you the advice to achieve it.



Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a long-term process. Our knowledge engine will send you the right motivational message when you need it most to help you achieve your goals.

New habits, new life

New habits, new life

We offer a smart tool that automatically create a sustainable health plan based on your goals and progress, giving you control to change your habits and your health.


We focus on creating new habits and behavioral changes with tools to engage and retain clients completely online by smartphone or PC
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